I Definitely Won

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"Can I have 2 of your eggs?"

The boy shyly chuckled and it was obvious from his flustered face that he was forcing himself and holding down the laughter. I swear, kids these days have no restraints over their manners whatsoever. Just because a cute girl like me asks a boy for a pair of his eggs does not meet he has to laugh about it.

I quickly scanned over the entirety of his store and decided to pick one more item. "Also can I have that hotdog of yours, that big brown one?"

That time he could not hold it in any longer and his face was a mess as he was laughing while giving me the change for my payment. Bless you and your soul kid.

I went back to my apartment and went on to prepare my breakfast. One jumbo hotdog and a pair of eggs, hmmm a fitting combo for a girl in her jammies with no plans on going out today.

Fortunately, I don't have to work today because if I did, I would just have to burn another leave credit since I was so lazy to do anything. Guess I'll blame it on the cramps again.

After the humble breakfast, I fell back into bed and fired up Netflix. I pressed resume on an episode of Emily in Paris while I drown myself scrolling through IG and FB. My feed gets to be boring day by day. Partially because of covid, nothing really worthy is going on or it may have been the fact that I am really just following a boring bunch of people.

Tired of the same bull crap over and over again, I opened up mobile legends on my phone. I pressed and click across the screen to claim rewards and gifts here and there and went to play a normal game first to warm my fingers up.

Played as a tank since no one would like to adjust to the lineup. Everyone wants to be a hitter ugh. Well, their selfishness played out to be justified in the end since we managed to grab the victory in such a breeze. They aren't too bad I guess.

Although it proved to be an easy win, my eyes hurt and they were strained for a bit. Damn FB. I decided to just look at the world chat first while resting. Then there's this user that was talking a lot of trash to just anybody and everybody. I jumped in and talked back. What? I did say I was bored right?

Things got heated and he was throwing feats with voice messages. Curses here and curses there. Then an invite popped out on the screen. It's a 1v1 custom game. Guess who it was? It's the trash-talker from the chat. Alright big guy, let me just teach you a lesson.

The game started and I picked out my best hero of course. I'll wipe this kid's ass with his own blood.

The game progresses as calculated as it was intense. It was still 0-0 and I think both of us were farming at a good rate. Then a few minutes into it, we crossed paths just a bit north of the bottom part of the map.

Skills have been activated, spells were cast and several hits have been thrown. As my health bar was halved I was hit and my character has been stunned. My life was being depleted with such speed. The stun lost its effect and I frantically ran for cover towards my base to get away from him.

I have to admit, he's quite skilled. And I got even more motivated. Went to another side of the map to farm some more and build even better equipment. And then I was fat enough to exact revenge.

We met again on the middle point of the map and a fierce battle ensued. I have set up the strategy and prepared for my skills. As I pressed the screen of my phone with gung ho the screen froze with the ping turned to red then to zero. WTF?!

A few moments passed and the message appeared that I have been disconnected. I checked the wifi and it's gone. I hurriedly went to the door and saw the building's caretaker plugging in again the router. He spotted me and said...

"Oh hey, had to reset it, the tenant on door B eas unable to connect. It should be okay now."

I felt the fumes coming out of my ear and I was really frustrated. I would have won that battle!!! I know I would have!


Just a fictional gameplay I wanted to share. Aren't we all invested when we play games?

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