Learning About StemGeeks!

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I must admit, that prior to today, I knew next to nothing about the @stemgeeks community. Then this morning, @taskmaster4450 made a post about the potential of this community.

It has a focused and dedicated community, and seems primed to take off! And, from reading some of the comments, the toknomics are arguably the best around. They have a low inflation and massive burn rate!

Since this is a niche community, focused on science technology engineering and math, I don’t think I have much to contribute. However, my son seems to be interested. He loves space and wants to be an Astrophysicist. Maybe, one day, you’ll see him as part of the community.

But, It is quite evident Hive really needs more communities like this one!

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As Marky said, do you have a favorite gadget that you could do a review upon...an application you found extremely beneficial?

I hope you set up your son with an account and get him posting his views/ideas about Space. It certainly is a topic that fits that community very well.

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This science community will forget beautiful things as it is meant for greatness. The science and technology fuels our evolvement so having a community on that is a place we all can see where the humanity is heading.

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I was very much interested in science in my school. Once I thought to try stemgeek with online tutoring option then I thought I am currently hard pressed for time to try and nurture my account in stemgeeks.

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@mcoinz79, Sounds like your Son found a space to share his Virtual Space Exploration. Stay blessed.