NFT technology and State Hermitage Museum in Russia

in LeoFinance2 years ago (edited)


Great news for art lovers! It is currently in work a digital version of the iconic Russian museum, the Celestial Hermitage, which will feature NFT art.

The head of the Art Department of the museum, Dmitry Ozerkov, wants to take part in the high digital development of our days and is open to embracing new NFT technology.

The museum has already sold NFTs as reproductions of famous masterpieces or had launched an entirely digital exhibition with NFTs reconstructing the museum.

This new technology allows you to interact with the NFTs on display as opposed to the physical museum which doesn't allow touching anything.

NFTs can add important values to the art that I think should be exploited for adding more interest and amazing experiences to the users.


You can take a better look on this movement right here: