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RE: Financial Freedom Will Be In Everyone's Grasp

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I have gone through this and I have really understood that Cryptocurrency is the only key to financial stability and breakthrough. I don't know how to get LEOPOWER LP. I don't even have any Leo.. how do I start this journey...??? I really need your help friends...

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LEO is paid out a week after you receive upvotes on your content. I just upvoted this comment so you will get some LEO a week from now.

Once you receive that, you can stake it which will then give you Leo Power. To stake, you just go to your wallet and there is a button there.

As for getting started, you already did. Adding comments to posts is a great way to get involved and start engaging. This will get you some upvotes and start filling your wallet.

Another place you might find helpful is @leomarkettalk. That is a place where a daily post is put up and you can go into the comment section to interact with others. It is also a place to ask questions and get to know people.

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Thanks so much, well appreciated for the information