US Future Job Prospects (Science and Math holds the Key to Success)

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The main chart of this post is courtesy of Bloomberg

The data collected on wages in specific professions are by the government's BLS. Clearly it shows professionals in science and technical fields have been thriving for the past two decades. This chart simply states kids in college and plan to go to college should focus on a studying something related to math and science if they hope to have a rising income when they work in the real world.

Do not Wait or Life will Pass by

In my past when I was deciding what I wanted to study in college I did not have the necessary have a clear vision for. Like many of my peers the plan was to get good grades and do enough activities to fill up my resume so that after graduation I could get a decent job. What specialty or even skills that I wanted or needed to learn was not clear to me at the time I made my decision. For most of my elementary school years up to high school I never really planned on what I wanted to become when I became an adult.

Every now and then I feel very fortunate that I fell into the work I am currently in but at the same time know that my career path would have and still could have been a lot easier if I planned properly. I dual majored in electrical and mechanical engineering for I was good at math and like science. After college I worked in building design consulting and I have never looked back. Today I get to stamp and sign drawings that are use in real life for people to build.

What to major?

There are many fields to get involve when it relates to math and science but the key is to focus on doing something that takes time to understand and perform. It should be obvious if the task at hand is simple to do then salary for the position will likely be low and future prospects flat line. That is because there are plenty of suitors. Then there are tasks and work that require specific knowledge that only a few can obtain. Those type of positions tend to be less competitive and very lucrative due to the low supply.

100k or not 100k?

Once you realize you want to major in a subject that will provide specific general understanding of a field there will be a time that will take you to obtain enough knowledge in the field to become a master. What many masters will not explain is that where these highly lucrative positions of $100k salaries will also require a lot of responsibilities. There lies what I think is the crucial reason why some people can make $100k a year in salary while others can not.

It is difficult enough to take on an engineering/math college major enough but in the real world there are a lot more people to compete for the same positions. As mentioned earlier very few have the skill sets to compete for lucrative positions, however the positions themselves are few and far between. So there is still stiff competition that one needs to always work more than are expected to to retain and grow in their specific discipline. This can only be done by performing more and being accurate with the tasks at hand. It all comes down to handling the responsibilities where there is pressure in reaching expectations within an allotted time.

Some people can handle the pressure while others can not. The choice of finding a career that can allow earnings of over $100k is one hurdle to deal with but to maintain and continue that type of earning will come with the pressure to produce. Not all have that built in them and not all will perform to expectation.


I talk in dept about this because recently I have been having a lot more conversions with younger kids regarding about their future. The challenges the lock down and difficult job market has made a lot of the younger generations look toward guidance and help. This is a sign of maturity that is worth its weight in gold. People who care about their future and have focus on what to do to better themselves will only help the country as a whole to be greater and better once we move out of this lock down.

For those who are undecided on what they need to do next, whether starting college, in college, or graduates we all face the same type of hurdles in the real world. Just because a person has multiple years of experience does not mean they get the job as the skills may not fit the role. While younger people are trying to find a footing to stand on and grow into a successful career. If there had to be one point to take from this post is the fact that having a job where it is related to a field of science and or math will in the long run will have much better prospects than any other fields of work.

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