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RE: Wikipedia Co-Founder Larry Sanger Creates A Forum To Decentralize Social Media - Thinks HIVE (Blockchain) is Crap

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I think when people hear decentralized they expect some sort of utopia where everyone is equal. That does not exist. Someone or group in the end will have its way when they see fit. What hive can become however is what Mr. Sanger seeks. Whereby the creation of content and its distribution is controlled by those who care to put in the effort and time. In time they earn their place in hive by how much they hold in hive power. Grow their influence to have greater power to distribute their content to others. There are currently not enough whales to fish the best contents in hive but a trickle down effect in hive power day by day will allow the power to be distributed. Those who gain more HP will have more say in visibility of content since top upvotes brings those content to the front trending page. All in all it’s decentralized because people get to buy or earn their way to be whales. We can’t do that on Wikipedia. Content is reviewed by a few that were hand pick. That sounds very bias and not the type of approach to can reach decentralization.

In short hive on the surface may not appear to be great when it comes to decentralized platform but as time passes and more users get influence the platform will show its true shining colors. Thanks.


Well said! You didn't leave anything for me to add. You can earn your place on HIVE. If you missed the best times of HIVE, there are projects like @leofinance where you can start earning big. There are many who make more in LEO than in HIVE. With more communities being built, it is going to be easier and easier to earn yourself a place even in a small community where you engage and contribute to.