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RE: Why you shouldn't take tribe market caps seriously

in LeoFinancelast year

I'm just outside the top ten for Splinterlands account value.



But most of that is my ownership of more than a third of the Alpha Flesh Golems.
I could spend $3000 buying what's on the market, and very easily be the first player to own more than a million dollars worth of cards.
Doesn't mean I could sell for that.

 last year 

But most of that is my ownership of more than a third of the Alpha Flesh Golems.

You still have those things? I remember when someone was buying them up like mad. You don't know how many are in my 600 unopened Alpha packs :P

Yeah that was me. Still buying, but I've had to slow down as the price keeps climbing.
It's actually been really fun. I was always fascinated by the 'robber barons' who tried to corner copper a century ago, (and almost always lost their shirt.)
Thought I'd throw my hat in the ring.

 last year 

How much do they go for now and how much were they going for when you first started buying them up?

Single cards are almost $4.90 each; less ($3.50-$4) if they're already combined.
I paid less than 3c each for at least half of mine. The first 5000 were less than a cent each, then it's climbed from there.
I expect to be paying $10 each for them by the end of the year.


 last year 

Why so much, just because of the sexual reference? Is the card any good or is it just a meme market.

Originally, yes it was the double entendre possibilities; before any stats were added.
All of the cards have their place; but he's gone from strength to strength, particularly with the arrival of the new Earth summoner, Scarred Llama Mage.
Llama gives +2 to health, also Cleanse and Last Stand.
All of those are incredibly useful to Flesh golems, making it a potent combo.
You can see when he gets to the front, his stats improve. That's Last Stand.