We Are Yet To Experience The Full Potential Of The Blockchain

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Sometimes I wonder how early we still are with cryptocurrency and how much power is yet to be explored in the future of blockchain technology.

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What we don't realize yet is that a whole lot can be done without bitcoin. And yet still sustain the crypto world without existing on a bitcoin blockchain or on Hive blockchain, but both exist on a blockchain - public and open-source for others to build and actively participate both technical and economy activities. That's the type of power the blockchain possess and little do we know about what can still be done or improved to better our daily lives.

Blockchain is the tech. Bitcoin is merely the first mainstream manifestation of its potential.

This term isn't understood by many crypto adopters out there. The line "merely the first mainstream manifestation " can be seen as bitcoin representing just the first successful blockchain project to go mainstream. Soon, we'll be approaching a day where we'll have hundreds if not thousands of mainstream cryptocurrency project thats going to stand the test of time.

some already exist now but many is yet to be built or its already an idea in peoples mind.

We Are Civilized Minds And Seek The Need To Move Forward To Create A New World

Civilization is crucial to human existence and we always seek the need to improve & progress. However, humans are not creating a new world that will just exist to survive, but one that can thrive over time.**

Every positive and negative articles written over the last decade is in greater quantities linked to tecnological improvement in real world. We humans always seek the need to improve either in a positive way or the opposite and that has helped shaped the world we live in today. Or we might still be battling with worldwide inflation with only the government to bail us out like it has always been in the past

What To Expect In The Next Phase Of Tech Improvement


We should expect that no matter how perfect a product is, for it to improve, it need to get rid of the previous fixed consensus or impove on it. Whatever doesn't go in line with the next stage of technological progression won't last long and will fade or exist in a small fraction as time pass by. A prime example is the evolution of letter writing and p.o.box system which now fly under the radar due to the fact that only few now write to their loved one's - a hand written letter.

Social media has now made it more easier to convey your message in a cheap and modernized way with improved interaction, like video chatting someone in another continent and see what he or she is doing and feel more connected to the other person. But even with the improved communication presented to us by the likes of Facebook and instagram, we didn't stop there.

And now web 3 is already making its way to the top where it will serve as another improvement or achievement on web experience for generations to come until they improve even on that for a better option in the future.

Web 3 Will Leave Whats Not Decentralized Behind With The Power Of Blockchain Consensus

All our progression with blockchain technology is merely a first glimpse at what can be possible, which is unlimited seeing how much this indistry has grown in the last decade. Imagine someday when we'll have even thousands of successful blockchain project with different incentive and initiative, without one getting in the way of the other. Just as the web 3 co-exist with web 2 of today. Its important to note that, If your consensus from the begining doesnt support web 3 then you're not going to be able to evolve with the new web 3 world of real ownership and decentralization. More reason why facebook is struggling with meta. And Hive on the other hand can easily make a changes to the code like it did with the recent hard fork.

Making necessary changes to whats already built is vital to exploring more potential thats yet to be explored on the Hive blockchain and we now have the rc delegation feature for newbie in its finest functionality.

Blockchain Is Individual Focused & The Real Power Behind Decebtralization

The free participation of individual irrespective of blockchain community makes it easier to progress forward and faster in the decentralized world and leave what's not decentralized behind. Bitcoin didn't stop the success made by ETH in creating a decentralized finance(DE-FI) world and making it possible for everyone to partake without censorship.
That area too, is being explored by many blockchain communities/individual to improve on what's already built. This shows that more achievements will always be created and explored again & again to create a better solution than the former, while the ones not necessarily needed will be neglected or exist in small fraction until they meet an end.

The new currency and power of the blockchain itself is trust and transparency, and this has its own negative part but its undoubtedly the way forward for mankind.

Have in mind that the price of other cryptocurrency project may not surpass that of bitcoin someday but one thing is possible here , and that is - "to create another level of success in the blockchain world, we all have to be willing to partake in the consensus and not just the market but every inch of the blockchain activities from backend to frontend. A place like Hive/Leofinance is one part of the blockchain that educate you on the information needed to thrive in the cryptocurrency realm and create an avenue for interactions between various type of users with different background, goals and ambition.*

It is high time we come to realize that the blockchain is what give us real power to be here and give individual access to partake in various activity without a single entity in control. Just as bitcoin is mainstream and getting attention right now, the next 100years might not be bitcoin alone taking a large space in the crypto verse. But with hundreds of bitcoin-like success, and thats what the next phase of blockchain technology advancement will look like.


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Blockchain as showed us all is the future of finance and we must keep building with it in other other to be part of those that will enjoy the generational wealth.

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Indeed the blockchain is a gift given to mankind to thrive even more in every areas and not only the financial aspect.

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