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RE: Life In 2050: Some Ideas

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The revolution is already taking place through decentralization of what exist before, we have social media before but now its in a different level. The world of finance has also been decentralized through the help of cryptocurrency.

The growth can never be stopped but will keep increasing every second and before you know what's happening you are already left behind.

The Era of abundance will take production and innovation to a great new height. These growth isn't even in a slow pace anymore but in a more rapid way, you never know what to expect until it hits you.

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We will see what happens but it might be that, by 2030, our physical landscape no longer includes bank branches. How much of a change would that alone be? Add in shopping malls/stores and we suddenly see an entirely new scene taking shape.

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How much of a change would that alone be?

A tremendous change for sure.

Our physical world would be greatly impacted and therefore change how we run things, banks branches would be a thing of the past by that time.

Who knows what might even be the next big thing by then in terms of how far technology would have gone by then.

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Very true. It is expanding greatly so who knows what we will be discussing by the end of this decade. A lot that is theory right now might be part of our everyday lives.

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