The Leaders Of Tomorrow Wants Cryptocurrency

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It has been said enough and its technically a fact that "the young are the future leaders of tomorrow". However, the current system acts otherwise.

My reason is that the current leaders, mostly old aged elites, who have been used to the previous/current centralized system, find it uneasy or just daunting to grasp the concept behind crytocirrency. Making them numb and not able to see what the leaders of tomorrow are seeing right now. Which is possibility of digitizing and privatizing the world to become more individual-centric.

What The Leaders Of Tomorrow Want

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The stats are in and it shows us that -: Younger wealthy Americans are 7.5 times more likely to hold crypto in their portfolios than investors aged 43 and older.

Its important to note that not every old elites dispose of cryptocurrency completely. While many do, it can be easily understood why they chose to look the other way when you talk about cryptocurrency. A reason I believe is deep rooted in previous social and economic norm. Norms like - you can't create money, or saving your fiat is the way out of poverty and is the best path to wealth.

Some new norms in the crypto world currently is - Cryptocurrency has no future. Its a ponzi scheme. -if it is, then it's one that has lasted for over a decade now. what a reliable ponzi!

Even with all these norms and limitations, here we are, still riding the lows and even in a much better position than previous years that was provably darker than what we are currently experiencing.

The Leaders Wants A Revolution

Now if majority of these said leaders of tomorrow says yes to cryptocurrency. Then there's absolutely nothing that can be done to stop the #crypto revolution that has begin since the day the first satoshi was minned.

Although the younger age don't quite accept this fact themselves and some are still contemplating if we'll be having bitcoin at zero dollars someday or anytime soon, which is a common hidden notion in some people, mostly non-crypto user or some filty rich elites who think crypto is just about money of which he already has, so he doesnt bother to dig deep on what type of service crypto offers.
Many even exist who think they are late to cryptocurrency adoption, not knowing we are yet to experience the full potential of the blockchain, which is the real power we possess to shape the new digital world economy thats already upon us.

In conclusion, anything that the future wants the future gets no matter how persistent the past may try to dominate it by creating FEUD in the present. Such is the bear market scenerio and its a global thing now, but one thing that is constant is "change". Sooner or later we'll be disposing the former norms and create a new norm which is- digitalization and privatization of everything, not only money this time - But Every Damn Thing. And Thats Exactly What The Leaders Of Tomorrow Wants

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