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RE: What LeoFinance and CubDefi success means....

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and the money invested will have the potential to make even more money on the next round. Once again proving the adages true.

I think this is my favorite quote of the week.

I do agree with you on the logic of money making money. That’s always a constant rule that will never change.

It’s also Better to get as much as possible leo and hive token at the moment.

I had an interesting time reading this post, it has a lot of detailed information on money making.

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There is literally ALWAYS another opportunity coming around the corner. The key is to be able to put yourself in a position to take advantage of them when they do.

Every year, from now until the end of time, there will be opportunities to 5x or 10x your money in fairly short periods of time. If you are prepared to do your homework and take the risk, you can be a part of it. BUT, you do have to understand what you're "betting" on and make an informed decision as to how much risk you want to take on.

I think we have three pretty good bets in Hive, Leo, and Cub. If you already have a lot, this could be your lottery ticket. If you only have a good chunk, these could set you up for the next ones. If you're just getting started, these can have a huge impact on getting you off the ground to where you can really start building something. All depends on where you're at in the financial spectrum.

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If you already have a lot, this could be your lottery ticket.

I guess I should focus on getting a lot 😊😊 then. Who knows I might win some lottery tooo.

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