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RE: How much is the Phish?

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Well, at least they did not threaten to sue you unless you resolved the problem...PayPalLikeDudes have been doing this to local and less spam protected e-mail domains that certain acquaintances of mine still use. I usually make a mouse over to verify the url that the browser would usually show bottom left but when you're on their territory, a mouse over can be coded to effectively be the same as a click. I think. My info is based on reading old coding guides...For Dummies while sleepy.

Aye, grammar often tells a different tale. Still, one they, one of those bold guys will know the language well enough...

The sad thing is...numbers make these scams work. If 99 % would not fall for it, 1 % will. Send to 1000 and that's 10 hits, etc.


Yeah, it is a numbers game, like spam and Nigerian prince scams. They send it out 270,000 times and if only that 1% bite, they get hold of 2700 wallet with who knows how much value inside. Large wallets aren't necessarily held by security conscious people.

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Ah, man...I guess I'm luckier than most. It'm usually mailed by Ethiopian princesses or other beauties from their league.