@magnacarta's Message Board

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@magnacarta's Message Board

Have a message for me but it seems out of place in a post? Just leave a note at @magnacarta's Message Board at the blog!

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Has this ever happened to you?

  • You ever wanted to leave someone a message but it seemed out of place in a post (or even a comment in that post)?

  • You tried leaving a message using a microblogging platform, only to see the message fall behind hundreds of threads or buzzes?

  • You wanted to leave a message without needing to use Discord or send a transfer of 0.001 HIVE (or Ecency Points)?

  • You wanted to send a fellow Hiver e-mail, only you don't know that Hiver's e-mail address?

At least for me, @magnacarta, just leave a message at my message board!

@magnacarta's Message Board

Some people use chalkboards, others use whiteboards, and a small number even use refrigerator magnets.

The best I can offer is a pinned blog post where people can leave their message in the Comments section.

It's easy to use, it's cheap, and it's always there.

Which messages are OK To Leave?

  • Genuine messages
  • Links pointing inside the Hive & Hive Engine ecosystem
  • Status updates
  • Memes
  • Images
  • Engagement tokens

Don't Use If the Message has...

  • Spam
  • Malicious insults
  • Fighting words
  • Libelous content

Proof of Concept

Think of this as a Poor Man's Messaging System.

Originally I wanted to use the Transfer functionality and its Memo field to send a message. All front ends allow for the sending of 0.001 HIVE, and the various Layer 2 front ends work similarly with their tokens.

I publicized my experiment, but no one else volunteered to participate. That was it for the experiment.

-- Until Now!

My own Message Board is just a pinned post. This is a post I'll check repeatedly. The only limitations are those dictated by the blockchain and the hardware used to keep it online.

A 2nd Use Case for My Own Message

As individual Hivers, we can only have 1 pinned post at a time.

What about those blogs which have multiple pinned posts? Those happen to be community blogs, so they work differently from individual blogs.

If we can only have 1 pinned post, but we want to have easy access to multiple posts? Just include links to those posts as the initial "messages" on the message board.

How Long Will Messages Remain on My Message Board?

Since my own Message Board is just a pinned post written to Hive blockchain, it will always be available (with some effort).

However, I may want to have a clean message board. In that case, the message board will get renamed before it gets unpinned. Then a new post becomes the clean message board ready for new messages.

Give My Message Board a Try!

Feel free to leave a message as described earlier. Let's see how well this message board concept works.

If you like the idea of having your own message board on Hive, feel free to make your own. Just give me a mention so I can drop by and check it out.

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@goddesseva -- Have you seen the most recent changes to the Ecency front-end? It's like a quantum leap with updates and new features such as microblogging. You may already know about them, but I wanted to let you know anyway to be on the safe side. Enjoy! 😁

didnt know anything about it! thanks very much for bringing it to my attention!!

You're welcome! I only found out today, myself. It's interface is different from what people are used to from Twitter, D.Buzz, and LeoThreads, so it's a good idea to read what Ecency has to say about this @ https://ecency.com/hive-125125/@ecency/introducing-decks-and-waves

I'm going to take this opportunity to wish you a happy day whenever you see this.

Gods Blessings be with You~

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Thank you! Given the time difference between us, may you have a good rest of today and may you have a happy day Monday.

May blessings of God, Allah, be with you now and always.

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Interesting experiment. As of now, I still don't see the need for my message board. Perhaps, sometime in the future.

The message board concept came about for 2 reasons:

  • Better access to material which is normally saved as a snippet;
  • Workaround for pinning multiple posts.

Communities can pin multiple posts, but individuals are limited to 1 pinned post.

Other people can use the message board as they would use other people's physical message boards. It's as much for myself as it is for others to leave me messages. Thanks for the comment!

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Got it. Thanks!


SVG Test:

@city-of-berlin -- I noticed in your profile that you are a theologian. I was wondering in what area of theology do you specialize. I may have questions if they fit your area of expertise. I know you're busy, so feel free to reply at your convenience. Thanks! 😁