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Greetings dear members of this prestigious platform, may the present delivery serve to analyze some projections that are being gestated from the OTC institutions and that will affect over time the investments in BTC.

In recent days the price of Bitcoin has fallen in a kind of corrections that has allowed many investors to profit in short movements, now there are many who think that BTC is a bubble that is about to burst once it touches important points of resistance. Is that possible?

For sure it is difficult to visualize that scenario, from my point of view the BTC is making corrections and accumulating to then make the jump that many are waiting for and in a way the OTC institutions are betting on the above scenario.

Fig. 2. Cryptocurrency exchange representation of small investors. Author: Csaba Nagy

While it is true that small investors usually make their transactions through cryptocurrency exchanges, large institutions trade through the OTC market so that the amount of incoming money does not affect the price of BTC, likewise transactions through this route are less obvious and in many cases more difficult to track compared to the crypto market that we know.

Undoubtedly it is a great strategy developed by large institutions, such is the case of MicroStrategy and Ruffer who have revealed the purchase of hundreds of millions of dollars in BTC and which are backed by coinbase, which leads us to believe that in the middle of this year bitcoin prices will reach record highs and I believe we are at a time to buy this asset.

It is important to emphasize that the writing lines of this publication are not a financial advice, on the contrary it is a breadth of knowledge we have about the world of blockchain and currency exchanges, therefore if you found this publication timely, I invite you to leave your opinion in the comments section.


[1] Morales Angélica y Neth Lindy. Bitcoin in the Financial System. Free University. Article: Online Access


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