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I know the vast majority of you have not heard or seen anything from me in quite a long time as I have been completing my B.S. degree and I’m in my final 6 months. However, I am lucky enough to have met some very incredible people on my journey in the blockchain space and the creator of this project in particular is certainly an all star when it comes to DeFi projects. With dozens of previous projects and helping with hundreds of other projects I cannot think of a better individual within DeFi to trust more, especially with this new infinity style mining.

Infinity Lucky Cat Mining:
The premise is pretty straight forward when it comes to DeFi projects in terms of investing crypto to earn crypto, but very few, if any, allow you to invest in crypto “miners” who will bring you an 8% daily return in the token you decided to deposit. NOTICE This deposit is a purchase of “miner cats” and these cats cannot be sold, BETTER NOTICE because you earn 8% return daily you will receive a 104% return (4% profit) after the first 13 days of mining. There is a minor catch though, if you decide to “pet your cat” (withdraw earnings) more than once weekly will significantly lower your return over the coming days. On the other hand, feeding your cat daily will increase your daily earnings so be strategic when you decide to pet or feed your cats!

Earn Real Interest on Your Crypto!
The focus behind Lucky Cat is to be a community driven project that rewards current users through a very high paying rewards program (12% reward). Not only is the 12% commission a massive incentive on its own, but you will receive 12% (in the respective token) from your referrals every time they feed their cats! For example, I referred Joe Magda and he put $100 into the BUSD mine after using my referral code, this will automatically reward me with $12 in BUSD, PLUS if my good friend Joe decides to feed his cats or add more capital I continue to receive 12% commission.

Need More Incentive?
Who hasn’t ever dreamt of growing their very own money tree? I know I have when I was younger. But now we have this DeFi gift that is, dare I say it, as close as you can possibly get to a money tree. I’ll explain, you have a money tree in the yard and money falls as leaves during the winter months, or you have Lucky Cats Infinity mining in which, similar to the trees, the cryptocurrency continues to build up forever. As I may not have mentioned before but this game is all about long-term strategy to greatly increase your daily profits. What’s better than hanging out one night after a long day of work and knowing that your Lucky Cat Infinity mine is earning you enough money to pay for the night out while you are having a great night out not worrying about a new DeFi tokens price crashing the second you look away from the charts.

The links below are my personal referral links and I will receive compensation in the form of 12% referral commission for each individual who utilizes my links and joins Lucky Cats

**LUCKY CATS REFERRAL CODES FOR BSC (BUSD, BNB, CAKE, SHIB, ETH) **To Clarify, Each link is separate for each different mine so you must use each link for each token you plan to deposit if you wish to utilize my referral codes

Several other Blockchain tokens as well!

Pipeflare Referral Best faucet, Free ZEC, MATIC, and FLR daily

Thank you for your time and I hope we can build a Lucky Cat Community that thrives!

~Trever Russell

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