Cryptowriter: The Art of Passive Earning With Crypto Gaming

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The association of any kind of earnings along with games is typically a direct indication to the majority of people that what is going to be discussed is gambling. This is far from the truth when it comes to cryptocurrencies and the incredible nature of blockchain technologies. There is an incredibly diverse range of blockchain based games or games that utilize crypto within the ecosystem of the game. The most intriguing aspect for me is the many ways each game utilizes the gameplay to incentivise players to participate in these things where you earn regularly.

For starters there are obviously games within the cryptosphere that are either pure gambling or have a lot of aspects that are similar to gambling. Since this is probably the most commonly known I will only discuss it just slightly as there is not much unknown. The biggest difference from gambling on crypto platforms is that, for the most part, the algorithm that is utilized is known as provably fair. This provably fair algorithm that is used throughout many aspects of crypto is great because it ensures that each and every bet is essentially being used with an entirely clean slate. As far as my understanding goes, provably fair gambling’s only benefit is that every bet made is like making a bet at a new table with a brand new deck. Just to get things straight I do not endorse gambling nor do I suggest participating in gambling.

Alright, lets get on to the much more fun stuff and discuss actual games that you can play and utilize in various ways to begin earning passive income. Personally, my experience with these games is quite limited and for the most part only goes as far as reading about them from others or looking into them myself. The first game I heard about some time ago is called League of Kingdoms in which I read you had the ability to purchase land and depending on various factors of your land you earn DAI daily. This sounded pretty awesome to me so I decided to set up and account and the first thing I was going to do was buy land and get going; However, turns out I didn’t realize the ETH gas fee would make it impossible for me at the time. Nonetheless, I continue to play the game to hopefully buy some land one day, and this game is only one of many where you can earn in similar ways while playing.

As the DeFi hype has practically calmed down the spotlight is beginning to be shared by NFT’s and their unique uses. Not only have I collected hand drawn NFT’s created by an individual, but I have gathered some that I use for mining passively, and I have gathered some that are called KOGS. Most (I think) will remember POGS back in time when things were more personal, well the virtual version has been created as should have been expected. These are what are called Keys.To.Other.Games (KOGS), and at this time the ones I have gathered are still being released and the many different games for them are continually being created but have not been released to my knowledge as of yet. If you’re wondering where this comes into passive earning I don’t blame you. KOGS have rarity and obviously will have various uses within the games so as development continues the price of the KOGS rises as they begin being used within these games to earn a host of things.

My very last and very favorite thing for passive earning with games right now has been, interestingly enough, a gambling platform called BetFury. A big reason for this is that when I began using it I had the ability to collect 1,600 satoshi per day for free through a faucet style system (Currently only 720sats/day). This is where things get good because Betfury has two of their own intra-platform tokens that you can mine through playing certain games and by holding these BFG tokens you earn daily dividends. For example, I have mined 2,292 BFG-BTC tokens and I currently earn 1,353sats, 0.00051 USDT, 0.1046TRX, and 0.77123BTT per day. Full disclosure, I have deposited sats largely for the purpose of taking advantage of some of their very rewarding Betfury Boxes. They have the free box which is similar to a BTC faucet, and they have boxes that can be purchased which locks your BTC for either 7 or 30 days in which you receive interest on your purchase over the chosen time period.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article!

If you have any questions or comments about the article please feel free to comment!

~ Trever Russell


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