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The foundation of building Decentr is for a purpose unlike any other, for the ease of access never seen before, for the privacy we all want to protect, and to have full control over your data. To be frank, I was asked to write a comparison article in which I compare the details of the more commonly known and extremely more basic browser to the, very first version, of the extension, to the soon to become browser that Decentr is building. While this did sound appealing, I honestly just couldn’t justify the entirely unfair ridicule the more well known browser would face in my article, and due to the fact I am a fan of said browser I will not make that comparison. But as they say, let's move on to bigger and better things shall we?

“Technology like art is a soaring exercise of the human imagination.”
~ Daniel Bell

When thinking of new blockchain technology it’s hard to imagine what else could really be built that would make a difference as far as a full blown blockchain and not merely an addition to a blockchain. While looking at the cryptocurrency market you will see somewhere around seven to eight thousand different “cryptocurrencies” but of those thousands only a small handful are cryptocurrencies that have their own native blockchain. The great thing of not piggybacking on another blockchain and building from scratch is the ability to note all of the other projects issues and learn from them while implementing improved versions that better fit the vision of the project. Well Decentr has done just that, since the beginning of the project they have learned from the vast blockchain space and implemented what I believe will be the next best project for blockchain adoption.

Decentr Blockchain
While we continue to see exorbitant gas fee prices on the ethereum blockchain, other top chains are not far behind with the expense of a single transaction. When there are only a few blockchains that can operate similarly to ethereum with the ability that it offers to both daily users and developers, it’s no wonder why projects such as Polkadot and Horizen are beginning to gain some notoriety as they were designed with scalability and cost in mind. Well this brings me back to Decentr, the blockchain that will not only log standard transactions but it will also log all of your data that is produced while online. Not only that, but it will also have the ability to scale extremely quickly and cost efficiently with the possibility to utilize smart contracts, Dapps, and DeFi. This will not only allow developers to efficiently develop on the Decentr blockchain but the Decentr project has already built in plans to have it’s own native DeFi and Dapp solutions built right in for other developers to more easily expand on the open source information provided.

Decentr Privacy
This is the only place where I could make a minor comparison to that other web browser as they provide “Privacy respecting ads” but that would do a disjustice to what they are trying to accomplish. I have already touched on the privacy of Decentr in my past article but I felt it needed some more recognition due to its extremely unique nature of being entirely based on the blockchain. Not only will you be able to receive privacy respecting ads but you will have all your data kept private as you see fit. This data privacy will be linked to each individual account such as a wallet that contains all that accounts information secured on-chain. With the dEcosystem that is being built the utilization of your private data will be a large focus for the project to be able to utilize this data in a way that it remains private but can be used for things such as DeFi and to play on-chain games and earn DEC or even have things like NFT’s and land ownership that will all be leveraged with your data and transacted for in the native DEC token.

Decentr Web3.0
With all of this talk about all these things that Decentr will have the ability to accomplish and the fact that I keep saying that they will be a huge catalyst to open up blockchain and crypto to the masses more than ever. Well this is the point that I explain to you, with a little comparison of what I mean by those statements. As we all know, the Brave browser has been gaining a lot of traction lately and this is because it is essentially a re-packaged google chrome that pay’s you a miniscule amount to receive “privacy respecting ads”. Well with Decentr, they will have a full web browser that will not need an extension to utilize web3.0 while maintaining all online data on-chain and secured with your personal dWallet. Needless to say you will always have privacy respecting ad’s privacy respecting web browsing no matter where you are going and you can leverage your privacy unlike with BAT that has virtually no usage outside of a store or two and some tipping (if anyone ever uses it for that).

Thank you for taking the time to read my article! Please comment if you have any questions or suggestions for me!

~ Trever Russell


I am not a certified financial, tax, or legal advisor, analyst, or planner. The above information should not be considered advice but as an opinion intended to share information and ideas for entertainment and independent research purposes. Cryptowriter and its writers are not responsible for any losses or damages incurred as a result of misinterpreting personal opinions for professional advice.

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That’s very interesting. And you definitely intrigued me enough to know more about this browser.
I’m using Brave and I’m happy about it. Let’s see if Decentr can move me :)

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I currently use brave right now as well and considering Decentr is still merely an extension in it's very early stages of development of the major features it will be a little time before it will be a full blown web browser but they have been working on it since 2018 and I have been excited about this project for quite a few months now. They have an insane amount to offer upon mainnet launch so I will be covering a lot more of Decentr thats for sure! Thanks for reading!

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