There is no more money-effective way to donate for charity.

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Have You ever thought what is the most effective way to donate money for a higher good? For example, if You buy something in shop to give to the homeless man, You "waste" money for the profit of the shop. If You pay to the charity foundation, most people in these foundations don't work and they get % from Your money.

Here comes the

What it does?
You pay, in PayPal or cryptocurrency, and the GCF will run scientific (more specifically: medical) computations via [email protected] And they do it on 100% renewable solar energy, and on the most modern hardware. Therefore, You give money to perform medical research and it is mega effective. As a reward, You can get some CureCoin cryptocurrency which will be mined in the process, but it is not an investmen as it will be worth only a few % of the money You pay - it is like a payback, not an investment.

I encourage You to read more about that website. I think it is very cool idea. Of course You can run [email protected] on Your own PC also.

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