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Really? That "puzzle" is old as the world, everybody knows that and it obtains 657+ upvotes and 100 dollars?
I did in past posts about differential geometry, number theory, algebra and other hard math stuff which were sometimes earning less than 1 dollar, and such sorry to say that "nothing" earns 100 dollars!
Maybe next time I will do post about how to win in Tic Tac Toe.

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You should, it would probably be better than this.

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You know nothing about history behind that post. The day before I wrote that post my mother has been diagnosed with brain cancer - and it would have been 4th cancer in her life - a few days later it appeared that the diagnose was not proper.
If You look at my wallet You see that I got rid of Hive and HBD for that post - I supported teenager from Venezuela, country which has very big problems. I behaved fair.