Is Google turning off of ads personalisation a bullshit?

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Since 2 weeks I have 2 smartphones. By the way, the new one is fair and ecological FairPhone 4, which I truly recommend.

On both smartphones I use the same Google account. Since the start, I have turned off ads personalisation, on both devices. On the old smartphone I have Spotify installed, on the new one I don't have.

Result? On the old smartphone, I have never seen Spotify add on YouTube during over 4 years of using. Whereas on the new smartphone without Spotify installed, I see Spotify ads all the time. It feels like the Google is knowing anyway if I have it installed or not and uses that information. There is no point to display me ad of Spotify on old device because I use it there anyway. There is need to display me its ad on new device, because I don't use Spotify there.

Therefore, I feel like Google is lying to millions of its users and it is personalizing ads even if it is turned off.

I don't use Google search engine and browser so I don't know if it would be the same there, I am saying about YouTube here.

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