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Why not combine STEM related topics with crypto? 🤓 At the end of the day, the blockchain, Bitcoin and other altcoins are the result of the development of science, engineering and technology, especially the computational one, which has some maths, and logic included. Let’s start this series with MATH, literally.

This MATH token is a ERC-20 based crypto that is part of a big platform solution that includes a Multi Crypto Wallet, a Dapp Store, a Staking Section, a Virtual Proof of Staking (VPoS) Section, a Pool, and even they are developing a Payment Platform. So it is a fully constructed platform that can bring confidence and being trusted by their user and future users. It is backed by investors like Fenbushi Capital (a venture capitalist firm in Asia), Fundamental Labs (a Blockchain Innovation Reasarch firm) and DHVC (enterprise, healthcare, consumer and fintech firm).

You can find and exchange this mainly in Hotbit, Uniswap and BitMart (a roughly combined 85% of the total volume)

Let’s dive into the numbers, shall we? I mean... it is called MATH, it is almost mandatory to talk about that part 😉

...was the birth of this platform/token

...is the market cap in USD that this token have, which would locate it at the 152th place in Coingecko

~47 cents…
...is its current price (you can check anyways the CG widget to see the price changes live)

...is the total supply of MATH tokens

...is the approximate total circulation that has at this moment (around 56% of the total supply)

...APR for its VPoS Platform (you can check it here)

...cryptos that their wallet supports. And yes, they support the MAN, the MYTH (the MATH, badum tss), the LEGEND, Bitcoin ;)

...USD maximum range (CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap respectively)

...USD minimum range (CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap respectively)

If you want more information about this token and platform, check their white paper here

You can earn not only by their Staking and VPoS, but also by referring friends, you can check their blog post about that right here (it has something like an affiliate link but it is not mine, I’m not earning any profit or potential profit with this shared info)

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