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RE: How do you value Human vs AI content?

in LeoFinance7 months ago

It is already happening - people are making themselves irrelevant. Kids at uni writing essays using chatGTP. No longer they are putting in effort to learn skills, they are taking the easy route. Or game developers punching in lines of text to create art to be used in games because it saves them time and money. I wish it was true that people valued things that took time and experience to create more, but in corpo environment and not even corpo but that is the cleanest example, we see over and over how little humans matter to them. What matters to these flesh eating ghouls is power and money.

Instead of using AI to enhance our human experiences, we are slowly but surely becoming tools to add inputs for AI.


People think they are getting freedom from using the tools, yet they are enslaving themselves and caging themselves away from everything they might value in later life - from fulfilling work, to fulfilling relationships. They will be users only.