Projection of the scope and applicability of blockchain technology

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On multiple occasions I have read from some experts their positive opinions about blockchain, and I have also heard a phrase repeated by many YouTubers, when they express that blockchain technology is here to stay, this if we consider the great boom and adoption that blockchain has experienced on a global scale in the last decade.

The adoption of blockchain today is primarily in the financial sector, but blockchain is also gaining ground in state governments and key sectors such as energy, food, education, health and others.

In this sense, it is important to highlight that the positive impact that blockchain technology is creating in the sectors mentioned in the previous paragraph is basically due to the fact that blockchain today represents the most promising technology that has ever been developed, as it guarantees a technological architecture model under the concept of interoperability based on the criteria of decentralised digital transactions with greater security and immutability.

The technological architecture model offered by blockchain technology essentially works with algorithms and data encryption protocols, through decentralised schemes where each transaction or movement is recorded and stored interconnected to multiple computers within the same network without the participation of third parties.

Source / Author: Geralt, 2018

One element to highlight is that the blockchain in the current scenario of technological modernity is projected as a cutting-edge tool that seeks to crystallise social welfare, basically in those sectors where day after day technological conditions are required that allow data to be recorded and transferred securely.

Among the sectors that require cutting-edge technological conditions are food, health and education, sectors that demand infrastructures under interoperability models that are in line with the comprehensive needs currently demanded by both public and private health systems.


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Pienso que adaptaciones de la tecnología Blockchain son muy necesarias en las áreas que mencionaste y deben ser implementadas para darle seguridad a los habitantes y transparencia al Estado y sus gobiernos. Pero ellos no lo van hacer voluntariamente, tenemos que estar claros y presionar.

Hola @leninbracho50, en cierta forma la misma sociedad irá adoptando la tecnología Blockchain, y cuando eso ocurra a gran escala, los estados no tendrán más alternativas que la de impulsar proyectos de incorporación paulatina de sus estructuras estándares a nuevas estructuras tecnológicas de las que ofrece la Blockchain. Saludos, gracias por comentar.