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RE: The Quest For Trillions

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This is a very insightful read with many thought-provoking lines.

Many theorize that our entire universe is nothing more than data. Thus, evolution is a giant exercise in computation.

This is one of them. I really like this way of looking at the Universe and the nature of creation itself.

This is our natural path of evolution. Information is now being monetized and we continually are creating more of it.

Very true. Besides, our ability to produce and share information is what makes us different from all other species of the animal kingdom, and the very reason why we conquered the planet despite being physically inferior to most of them. Then the internet happened and revolutionized information acessibility on a global scale, and therefore, the monetization of information was inevitable. I believe we will collectively reap the reward in the form of further advancement in the next few decades.

Technology is indeed allowing us to produce more and more wealth, and the fact that the amount of technical data produced every year is growing at a steady pace means we have a bright future ahead, if we do not self-destruct that is. We probably haven't passed the great filter yet, but the technological advancement of our age and the rate at which we are coming up with solutions to today's problems is reason enough to be optimistic.

Thanks for the interesting read.

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Of course, animals have means of knowing things we do not. For example, they are well aware of what the weather will do whereby we need to look at the radar.

So it is interesting to think about how certain species are "tuned" in better than we are.

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