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RE: The 21st Century Will Be a Crypto One or It Won't Be at All

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I have a friend, who works for NVidia in Colorado. His team is solely working on R&D related to autonomous vehicles. 5G, AI, and now Blockchain in the auto industry?

I can imagine that on day, we just tell our car where we go. Let is drive themselves. take a nap, and wait up. The autotuned AI program would tell us: "You have arrived. Your trip has taken 1 hour and 35 minutes. 0.054 Bitcoin has been mined during the transport, and your travel log has been uploaded to LeoFinance; so far, 100 likes and 6 comments..."

OK. Maybe not the last part from the AI program. It would be too much of private information...

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Nice scenario with the vehicle of the future :)

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