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RE: #PredictTheFuture - What will the year 2067 be like?

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What a great post brother! it is the longest and most entertaining post I have ever read, I regret having summarized so much my post about the challenge, I honestly thought the following.

If I create a post about the challenge so long? it would be boring for sure!

I regret not making it a little longer but I still had a lot of fun with your challenge, I really enjoyed your post.

When we talk about weapons in the future, I don't know why the iron man comes to my mind, could you imagine a suit that could guarantee you a protection to resist a nuclear bomb?

Imagine that you could also think of some kind of armament and create your own weapon using the power of the mind?

When we talk about video games and I consider that playing is a sport and also a new culture, I have a feeling that in 2067 we can be in a video game world where we can have legendary battles with fantastic views existing on our planet, and that we live it as part of our lives, eat, breed, fight, conquer nations, guilds, among many more.

The aliens possibly in the future we can share our technology with theirs to further develop our intellectual capabilities and improve both the human race and the aliens, in this world we are not alone and that I'm sure.


No regrets bro, your post was awesome too.
I'm glad you were able to finish this one, despite the great length.

Iron man suits would be freaking sweet!

The video games are going to be even more addicting than they already are. I can’t wait!

Sharing ideas and culture with other worlds could allow us to accelerate technologically at a faster rate than we have ever witnessed.