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RE: Why Most Underestimate The Impact Technology Will Make

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That is why the 2020s, and beyond, are primed to be an explosive decade and change how society operates in many ways.

Agree with you, there are people who are constantly looking at the present and people who are trying to look beyond and trying to project into the future. The predictions can be wrong but the attitude is the right one because it is always an active attitude while believing that everything will remain exactly as it is now is the opposite.

I read your article with pleasure and I too am curious to see if Musk will sell millions of cars before 2030 but I certainly do not laugh at his statement and I think it will be difficult but not impossible...


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Considering I think he will be over a million in 2021, as long as the global economy is not shut down, then I am betting he will be well on his way.

If he can do 1 million this year and then double it next, he will be primed to really ascend.

Nevertheless, the energy division is actually the most interesting.

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