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RE: Most Blockchains Will Be Heavily Used

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I have to disagree at least for the case of Bitcoin even if it becomes a world reserve currency for governments, the majority of use will have to be off-chain. It cost me over a dollar to send any amount of Bitcoins. Steem/Hive have proven themselves to be very efficient, but we have also seen too much transparency. There is a culture of always using the same keys and never changing them. Then there is a problem of theft via hard-fork, which I think is possible in Bitcon but its harder to target individuals when most utxos are not known to whom they belong.


I am not sure how you arrived at those conclusions.

The article specifically talks about the other aspects aside from financial.

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This makes me smile. Good luck in forking Bitcoin!
I see BTC as gold 2.0, i.e. a store of value. And NOT at all as payment system
How many times per year you trade physical gold? 1? 2?
Personally to me BTC TX fees is not a problem. Even if it always will stay above 50 USD