Updateing Gekko Trade Bot - Part 1

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My adventures with trade bots started out with the venerable Gekko trade bot. But as I think I mentioned previously, the main developer moved onto other things some years ago. As we all know, the world of crypto never sits still, which means Gekko is out of date. The functionality is still fine, but exchange support is the issue.

Gekko uses .json config files to list all of the currencies and assets that each exchange supports. So if I could update this file, I could teach an old dog new tricks.

The CCXT library comes in very handy for just issue. With a little bit of code bashing I wrote a node.js script to connect with the target exchange through CCXT, query what it supports, and then format this and write it out to the .json file.

Fire up Gekko... bingo! Gekko now can now support all of the current trading pair options that the exchange supports.

If anybody is interested here's the GitHub repository:


// TODO: add CLI argument parsing
// TODO: list supported exchanges

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