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I as likely you do also, have your favourite crypto talking head that you like to tune into. Eric Krown being one that I regularly tune into for price analysis.

Krown's Crypto Cave

While I do have a multi-screen setup for my computer, having my crypto news embedded into the app while I examine the charts made sense.

At the moment it only uses YouTube playlists, but I'll come back to this feature in the future and put more work into it and make it work with other video platforms. As we all know by now, many of these platforms are fickle; post the wrong thing and the algorithm shuts you down.

Like all of the other tabs in the app, it can be resized or even maximized.

Golden-Layout which provides the tabbed window system, does also offer tear out windows, meaning the tab becomes it's own browser window, but I have a bug to fix before that works.

There's been much more happening with the app, so I'll have to make more time to write an update.

Who are your favourite crypto talking heads? Comment below.

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Eric Krown, also one of Jason´s daily listens...what a voice that man has, insane!

He certainly has the gift of the gab and could talk underwater.

Who else does Jason tune into?

Hi @leoplaw, this is Jason. I also read newsletters from Mati (quantumeconomics) , listen to Forrest from Token Metriks, and sometimes watch Paul Barrow (for latest trends). Not much more. I like better reading white papers than trading, which I do no do, it doesn't suit my nervous system. Salud!