Trading App Development - The State of Things

in LeoFinancelast year


What's the state of the trading app? That's something that could not be answered for a long time. But I'm not referring to it's development, but rather a feature that was yet, but now is implemented, state persistence. Or more simply put, saving the application state.

Saving the window and tab layouts, plus the chart drawings has been a long time coming. There was much work to do before hand, figuring out just how many things fitted together, and hence data structures things took on.

Now that a number of core things are more or less settled, progress can be made true user customization and workflow.

So the state of development is now that much of the foundations are in place and progress is being made at more regular pace. Many pieces of the jig-saw puzzle are now falling into place.

There are always many side tracks to follow, but prioritization of features is required so that the app is fundamentally functional and not merely a curiosity or toy.

It's now time to revise the todo list.

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