Trading App Development - Part 8

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I haven't posted about this for quite some time, but rest assured I have been very busy coding.

I've reached a couple of milestones since I last posted.

The app now loads its state from storage, meaning the application layout and chart configurations are loaded from a stored state (configuration). At some point in the future I will add the feature to save the state allowing the user to rearrange the interface and chart settings, close the app and start it again with everything set up just the way it last was.

The second milestone is the app finally loads whatever trading pair the exchange supports from a drop down list.

If you have a look at the above video, you will see the basics of chart handling are there. You may also notice a few interface bugs, but I have bigger fish to fry at the moment and will return to these at a later point.

The next couple of milestones are switching exchanges via the GUI and loading trading history and open orders. This will be in preparation for placing orders.

Storing data, trades, orders and price history locally rather than loading it from the exchange will follow after that.

Progress is being made, even if slow, but that's how it goes with a team of one.

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