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Another small step forward with the app has been made, and many other ones behind the scenes, some cosmetic, some functional.

The trade order panel finally got a make over. There might be further design changes to it yet. But for now it fits the bill.

One of the function features added to it, was the loading of the current "Token" and "Asset" balance into the form fields. These also regularly update by polling the exchange.

An order book was also finally added to the app. It is a re-usable component and so can be placed wherever it is needed. Clicking on the prices update the "Price" field in the order form.

tiagosiebler on GitHub provided a simple and elegant order book class to process the exchange websocket feed. It was thus a painless affair to integrate it into the app.

So, step by step the order form is becoming functional. There is still much more work to do on it yet, with a few things to debug, but it is on it's way. Seeing this app actually place orders is within reach now.

If you take a look at the video below, you'll see how its currently functioning.

My previous post on the app, outlined the work commenced on the trade journal. I'm currently ping-ponging between the trade order form and the journal. Which comes first, the chicken or the egg?

But wait! There's a third part to this, and that is database storage. Both of these are going to have to interface to storage.

At the moment, progress feels a bit like a seven headed hydra that grows new heads, each time you cut one off. That being said, some of the fundamentals are now in place Which allows me to tend to these more intertwined issues. An example being the implementation of the Golden Layout GUI, which is quite rock solid now, allowing me to build dynamic interfaces that the user will be able to customize.

Last year was an extremely slow start with the app, as I had to school myself on Node.js and modern app and web development, having been away from it for my years.

But this year, it looks like progress will be swifter.

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Nice will. Like too see the finish product, i have this in mind but dont know where too start from, if you don't mind you can point me too the right direction to start from

I'd like to see the finished product also. =)

Decide what language and framework you want to build in.

Research what classes and libraries already exist that you don't end up reinventing the wheel.

Start stitching those pieces of code together.

I've also spent a great deal of time with pen and paper writing pseudo code and flow diagrams.

Take a look at other people's projects and their code if it is available.

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. Thanks for the heads up, am looking at python

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