Programming My Own Trading Chart - Part 9

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TradeX-chart - plain JavaScript trade chart with very minimal dependencies

It's been quite some time since I last reported on the trading chart development. The chart has and still is undergoing a serious overhaul to make it more robust, performant and glitch free.

A major step was taken in December 2022 to rewrite the chart as a Web Component. While the refactoring process was complex, the end result is simpler and offloaded the responsive element handling onto the browser. The chart can now dynamically resize.

This then led to confronting hitherto unseen bugs with multiple chart instances on the same page. Each chart now works correctly as independent instances.

Proper independent chart theming was the next thing proper instancing afforded as you can see from the screenshot above. In the end, the chart can be integrated into the look of any app that it might be used in.

There's been a great deal of streamlining and removal of repeated code, and general housekeeping.

The task that now demands focus is the glitchy scrolling. This forced further refactoring and code clean up, so that I could finally start on whipping it into shape.

So I'm currently facing another task that I have to find a solution for, one that makes for many hours frowning, staring at code, testing, poking, prodding until I finally understand the root of the issue.

When this is solved, then the chart is back on track for adding more indicators and tools.

I can't say how long this will take, as working on the chart has had to take a lower priority lately.

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