Programming My Own Trading Chart - Part 6

in LeoFinance9 months ago


The short news is, the chart now displays and handles it's first chart indicator... introducing, RSI.

I can now start to add one by one to the chart. There's approximately 30.

Progress this past week has been slow as various things had to be refactored to make them more generic, to allow easy expansion of features.

I'd planned and designed most of the code architecture well, but did not go to the nth degree, which meant I wrote some code for specific use cases, and not general purpose, which meant some back editing.

Keeping track of Javascript references can be hellish when you don't know what is mutating object properties or when. But I think I've finally found the bottom of the rabbit hole.

Once core references are set in stone, I'll be able to easily expand out the indicator options, and much more.

The lesson I learnt from this past week is, be even more thorough in planning your code.

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