Programming My Own Trading Chart

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Am I mad?

I started programming my own trading chart from scratch.

Why you might ask, and why I asked myself.

I did not want to be locked into a chart that has restrictions (licensing) on it's usage (Trading View) and neither locked into a Javascript framework (TradngVue TVJS)

There is another alternative, (KLineChart), which is well written and fast, but it lacked a few features that the other two have. So the question was, do I learn some one else's code base, as I did with TVJS and figure out how to modify it to my own needs, or do I write something from scratch.

Which will take longer?

Writing my own of course, but should I succeed, I'll have a chart that does everything I need and want. If I fail, well, I guess I can use KLine. KLine does appear to be popular on GitHub, but other than the main developer, all of the other contributors have only made minor submissions to the code base. It is therefore still a one man project.

Unlike TVJS, it does not have an online community where you can reach out for help or show case what you've done. The TVJS has been very good to bounce ideas off.

This is very early days yet. The chart has no interactivity yet. So far I've focused on the foundations to make it extensible and flexible so that you can get the chart to do anything you want.

This last point was a major wish amongst the TVJS community. While you can get TVJS to draw anything, there is a great deal of complicated work to make that happen. I hope to simplify and streamline the chart manipulation so that it is easy for people to display their own custom data visualizations with the price data.

Wish me success.

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hehe you are not mad you were just trying something new 😍 you are doing well

Thanks! 😀
But something new can end up being a very deep rabbit hole, and that's what I'm adverse to.


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