Building a Trading Bot from Scratch - Part 6 - environmental hell

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No, I'm not talking about climate change.

I'm talking about server versus client (browser). Node.js seemed like a smart choice to build this trading app with at the start. One programming language for all environments. But, that also led me to sometimes forget that the features available for either are not always the same.

Take for instance multi-threading. it is implemented differently in both environments, which can require some tricky coding for isomorphic modules that could be loaded in either.

In the end I surmounted that challenge and and finally reached a milestone.

The app can now run multiple charts streaming the price from the exchange on the same page. This has been a feature requirement from the start as so far, all other free apps / bots I have come across only display one.

If you've spent any time with technical analysis, you'll know that comparing multiple time frames to determine the potential trend is a must.

So while my app is not yet capable of making trades, it is already useful for me as a technical analysis tool. I reached this goal a little sooner than I expected which is exciting and very motivating.

The next goals are adding some indicators to the charts, and then, start on order placement.

I'm still some way off from any sort of automated trading, but I'm making progress.

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Building a trading bot by one self is more reliable than trading bot purchase. I have some that i use for my binary trade. At some point it was working fine but later it got corrupt and almost make me bankrupt.

The time factor has always been the challenge of building a bot most especially for someone like me who still have one or two things that is making me busy.

My experience when it comes to bot has been a pleasant and horrible one.during pandemic that government told everyone to sit at home i got a bot for $100 that gave me some little profit but also got corrupted at some point.

Yes indeed, it is turning out to be heavy investment in time. The very reason I'm building the thing is so I can have control over everything.

Using the trading bot platforms is insane. The people who run the platform then have insider knowledge and can use it to their advantage.

The whole Robin Hood trade platform debacle with GameStop was proof of that.

Decentralization is the only answer.

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