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RE: Know-it-all AI Gaslights Wrong answer.

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The way this AI in particular acquires its knowledge is overall shifty at best, and at worst completely wrong. The reason you are getting these faulty results is because there are several sources of information conflicting with each other, and the AI is trying to determine which one holds the truth. In that process, it mingles all of them, which is why you got that extra step in the solving process with -2148.57. Label it as an artifact.

I know people hold that conception around AI that it never misses, especially around basic arithmetics. But in this situation, its not a calculator, its looking at a calculator and inferring what the function of a calculator is, and tries to come up with the process to solve that equation. MKBHD on YouTube did something similar, telling the AI to outline the features of the latest iPhone 14 or something. It completely missed and instead outlined those of the iPhone 12! Pretty wild.

I think specialized look-up databases are the only way AI could be useful, because in a general database, AI could interject an offshoot unrelated dataset, screwing up the final answer.

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