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RE: What you may not know about STEMGeeks and the STEM token

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STEM is promoting Pseudo science, not real science... so the tribe is complete garbage and BS.

Earth is flat.


We have real science on LasseCash, not that its our main focus, but its the best in the world still!



Your delusion knows no bounds

Here we go again.

you mean "boundaries".. see I have to correct you all the time.

The world is the opposite of what you think you know, and yes it took a long time to figure that out for me... and most people dont know and jadajada...

Earth is flat, get it in your head or waste your life!

I know you are a simple man with a delegate constitution but you really need to get yourself an education.


Ok I didnt know that, and it didnt come up when I googled it... my first language is Danish, I used English a lot for more then 20 years, thats why I can speak so well... but there are a lot of expressions and stuff I dont use on English,.... mine is more of a world accent with a business twist and with a lot of (for you) alternative truths..

I came up with this forinstance: ICO = I SEE O = I see a nobody... since ICOs was pure BS!

I have many alternative uses of the english language like that!!!

I have more Education then you can imagine! DUDE!

I have more Education then you can imagine!

Oh man I thought I was the one that told jokes.

No jokes here, you are too brainwashed anyway,, you would not get my joke, if I tried.

Says the one as bright as a solar powered flash light.

Sun is small and close I told you before I believe... thats why there are angled sun rays on videos and images, if the sun was HUGE and millions of miles away then the sunrays would be parallel.

Now I dont have more time to educate you today.