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RE: Why you shouldn't take tribe market caps seriously

in LeoFinance4 months ago (edited)

Dude you are so obsessed with LasseCash, there are many things you forget in your analysis, let me address a few.

First of all there are other people trading LasseCash, they just dont ever seem to show when you take a snapshot:


Second there are whales that just hold LASSECASH POWER and never trade, never sell and never buy. You forget to mention that in your constant negativity. Its a huge positive signal for LasseCash.

Yes, I (or anybody else with money) can move the price of LasseCash, its no secret. It is like a penny stock at this point in time. The goal is to grow the tribe to a size where one person cannot move the price like now. Until then, I will move the price up 20% per day until we find a top, crash and repeat, its not a secret. People that know the tribe well, know this happens, and if they like they can speculate on it.

All 100% transparent as you know.


Until then I will move the price up 20% until we find a top, crash and repeat, its not a secret.

Welcome to the world of unregistered securities.

Expect no profit of the work of others, boom not a security!

Dude I am allowed to buy and sell LasseCash as I please, just like that, what is your problem?