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@starstrings in conjunction with @aliento organised this contest to know what hive users intend to do with $50,000 airdrop and 100,000 hive power if they are given.

My plans are very simple and understandable. I will open a unisex boutique and a mini supermarket at an urban area. An urban area is an area where there are a lot of people, just like a city. Having that kind of establishment there will be productive, and losses will be minimal (if at all).

And for the 100,000 hive power. I will use it to upvote post and build more hive power through that.

This is the link https://hive.blog/hive-167922/@starstrings01/what-would-you-do-with-an-airdrop-of-usd50-000-or-or-6000-hive-delegation-prize-pool to participate in the contest.


You said that your post would be straight to the point but I'm still surprised to see how "straight-to-the-point* it happened to be.

Loll... You said your mind and I'm happy to see how you plan to spend the $50,000. Starting a business like that in a strategic location will be a life changer.

Well Done Bro

Thanks for participating in this contest

Hello @lanofunmi! A mini supermarket and unisex boutique? Indeed you are business minded and I'm sure you will handle these businesses well.

Although it takes a lot to go into these businesses, you would have to hire staff to manage one while you focus on the other. Smart plan. I wish you good luck in the contest. 🙂

your plans are really simple and precise. it looks like you already have an idea of what you want to do with it. opening the unisex saloon also is a really big business and it will be worth it in a commercialize environment

Yes, making plans before having the money is better than having money before making plans.

Straight up man.. Investing the money back into yourself is a great investment on its own but would you use all the money on that or you also invest some in crypto and other projects?

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