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Happy Friday.

Hope you're doing well today. Starting my day with a dark roast coffee with almond milk and some Maui Waui to smoke. Great combo - definitely recommend trying it. The NFT space is going nuts and you've probably seen the explosion of different "punks" all over the place. These are pixelated avatars that are 1/1 unique NFT's. I wrote about Degen Punks not too long ago because it was the first of the craze I've seen on Binance Smart chain. Check that out here. One day after I made the post, all 10,000 punks had been minted. These things are selling out insanely fast. Maybe it's just the hype. Maybe people just want a chance at selling one for an insane amount of money. Whatever it is, it is not slowing down. So today, I present to you xDai Punks. They are minted directly on the xDai chain, one of my favorite blockchains to use!


Why do you care about yet another Punks project?

Well, to be perfectly honest I don't. What I care about is the fact that xDai chain needs to be used by more people. It deserves the love from the community. If you've never used xDai and want to learn more check out my deep dive here. I break down the benefits and how to get started so if you read that post, you're reading for this NFT release. Why do I like xDai so much? Stability and low fees.


Minting will start in a couple days and it's only going to cost 12 xDai to mint a punk. The difference between this and other projects like it is the stable cost. Degen Punks costed 0.33 BNB to mint. That does not have a stable price because BNB can fluctuate. 12 xDai = 12 USD. Simple as that. Fees are usually less than a penny. So mint as many xDai punks as you want! The marketplace is live already, but you can't do anything other than look at all the punks. Which one will you get?!


I love how transparent this project is. You can look at the code yourself and verify the smart contracts. I went ahead and took a look at the contract and functions. I'm no expert but I do have a basic understanding of blockchain code and it looks good to me. I'm not a financial advisor either so don't mint one of these just because I said I am. Do your own research please. If you can afford $12 and want a cool collectible that could resell, go right ahead.


Not only is the marketplace already accessible, there's even a guide on how to use it. Keeping it very simple and hopefully idiot proof. I highly encourage you to check out the website for more information.


Will you be minting your very own xDai Punk?

If so, drop your NFTs in the comments. Happy minting!


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I love nfts🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😍

Same. Kind of an obsession.

Whats Happen ...?

What is, is that the #Punks are being hunted down by the "no description needed" --> Faze-Clan

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