How to Add Different Chains to MetaMask - The Easy Way

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So many different chains...

There's all these amazing crypto projects coming out on different chains that it's hard to keep up. Every time you look up, you're having to add a new chain to Metamask if you want to interact with a dApp. Binance Smart Chain, HECO Chain, xDai, Harmony, Avalanche, etc.... The list goes on. Well it isn't exactly rocket science to connect your Metamask to these different chains but maybe you don't wanna deal with looking up how to add each individual one. You're gunna love this.


Chainlist to the rescue!

Save yourself the time looking up the Chain ID, etc... for your favorite new chain. Instead, head over to Chainlist and you can have it done for you. We live in a world of automation and sometimes that's a good thing. This is one of those cases. Check it out. It even has a dark mode for people like me that think everything looks better in dark mode.


So it's very simple. Visit the website above and connect Metamask by clicking the Connect Wallet button. Once you have you wallet connected, find your chain either by scrolling through the list or searching. Once you find it, click Add To Metamask.


Once you click the button, Click Approve on Metamask. Then the magic happens.


Now you're ready to use Web3 dApps and such without having to type anything.


Yes, I realize this is very easy to do. However, I can appreciate the simplicity for users that may now be comfortable adding a Custom RPC. Maybe for newbies? Maybe for lazy fuck like me? Who knows? I jus know that whoever cerated this service is doing something great for people that want to easily explore different chains.

Save yourself a few minutes and use Chainlist to add chains to Metamask.

You're welcome.


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Automation is a beautiful thing. This good information and a well done tutorial. I am just starting to use Metamask. It doesn't seem to be very user friendly. Just maybe something to get used to.

It takes some getting used to. Chainlist makes it a litter easier to add different networks. Thanks!

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I will definitely have a look at it and thanks again for the information. Enjoy your day, @l337m45732!

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You as well!

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This is actually a really cool tool.

Just confirming that it is 100% safe to use?

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I just love the simplicity. I found it through official xDai docs so I can't imagine it not being safe. I've also had no issues since using it.

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Finally! Thanks for sharing, this one is actually really useful.

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I thought so! Glad I found it

Damn that's really great ! Next time I have to add a new chain I'll do it because it can be long to do it manually !! Thanks for sharing !!

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Right! So convenient