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Good afternoon, lads.

Hope you're doing well this fine Labor Day. Hopefully you aren't being forced to work some bullshit job today. Or ever, for that matter. If you are, that fucking sucks and I'm gunna drink a beer for you. No coffee today, woke up and cracked a beer because AMERICA! Still smoking some Purple Punch and I plan on grilling. It should be a nice chill day, and the weather is awesome. Anyway, moving on to something actually useful. How often do you Google shit? Once a day, 5 times a day, 20 times a day? People Google shit all the time. Well now you can get paid every time you search. I present to you: Presearch.



Presearch is a search engine similar to google or whatever other search engine you might use. The major difference is, it can show results from multiple different engines such as Dsearch or DuckDuckGo for all you private people. You don't even have to go to the website to search. You download the chrome extension, log in, and you're reading to search right from your address bar. Every time you search you will earn PRE tokens. They're valued around 20 cents right now which is pretty amazing. I was using Presearch years ago when PRE wasn't even worth a penny.


So, when you search this is what it looks like. By default, Dsearch results will appear and it isn't terrible. If you want to see results from another search engine like Google or DuckDuckGo, you can just click the icon on the left and you'll be taken to those results.




So you can earn PRE by searching like you normally would, but you can also stake your PRE to specific keywords. You can use this feature to drive traffic to your ads for FREE!


You can cash out your PRE when you hit 1000 tokens, and as you can see you earn 0.1 PRE per search. You can search 30 times a day and get paid. So why not search a bunch of random shit every day and farm that PRE? If you farm those PRE tokens you can get up to 3 per day. Not too bad for free money. Combine this with all the other Passive Income shit I've been posting and you'll be pretty happy.

Get Presearch HERE and start getting paid to search like normal!

Enjoy your day.

Thanks for reading.



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I tried this and I also tried using DuckDuckGo via Brave and its just shit compared to Google x)

I use Brave browser but with Google search xD

And does it pay anything? :))

Brave does. You get ads and you get BAT. And you dont have to click the ads.

Brave pays when you click ads. Presearch pays when you search. Win/win

I see. Good to know 😁

Wrong. You dont have to click the ads on brave and the ads also only show up in the bottom right corner. Not on any website

Wrong? That's literally what brave does. It has ads that pop up while you browse and you click on them. That's what gets you paid in BAT. Been using is for years.

You dont have to click them bro? :D

The trick is, just click the Google icon on the left once you search. Then you've earned PRE and gotten good search results. Pairs nicely with brave.

Meh. I gave up long ago, brace works amazingly xD

Brave is great. Just sharing ways to get more money passively.

Ohh ye. It was not to shit on Presearch! :D Its more like DuckDuckGo is shit compared to Google Search.

Very much so lol

Pre search is downloaded in my phone and i search only when some sites r blocked its like vpn or me


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