update 3 token prices on HIVE-ENGINE [2021/12/04]

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How is the development of tokens in hive-engine today, is it okay or is there a lot of decline. Today BTC fell drastically than usual and now it has also been experiencing an upward movement little by little. Let's talk about tokens I like in Hive-Engine.

From the results of the image above, you can see for yourself the tokens that I have marked red, blue and yellow. For the red color there is swap.blurt which is now ranked 22 on the Hive-Engine. While the blue one has swap.state this is a game token that is being developed now you can get it at Hive-Engine. Swap.state is now ranked 24th hive-engine. For the yellow one, there is a leo token that has been developing in Hive-Engine for a long time. Leo himself has captured the hearts of token lovers on hive-engine. Let's continue how the volume of trading happened today. This token ranking issue can change in minutes or hours. This is just a ranking that was going on at the time of this post.

for the full market on Hive-Engine for these three tokens the highest ranking is held by leo with a full market of $2,874,548 with a 24-hour trading volume of around $1,082 for now. in the second position the full market is held by. swap.state with the total of today's full market price of $179,347 with a 24-hour trading volume of around $1,174 for now. for the third position among the tokens I discussed held by swap.blurt with a current full market of $ 10,710 this is the current calculation. Meanwhile, the swap.blurt trading volume reached $1,408 and swap.blurt is above leo and swap.state in current 24-hour trading volume.





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