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The oil references caught my attention.

I was born and raised just north if Titusville PA. Wich played an important part in this countries oil industry. I have good memories of going to view this historic site as a child and as recently as ten years ago to ride the old steam train railway tour.

Quote from Wiki...

"The first oil millionaire was Jonathan Watson, a resident of Titusville. He owned the land where Drake's well was drilled. He had been a partner in a lumber business prior to the success of the well. At one time it was said that Titusville had more millionaires per capita than anywhere else in the world."

Wiki Page Here


Is it still a place where there are millionaires?

I think it is nice to have some real history close by, it helps build a longer understanding of a place and how what we do affects the future.

No. It is a pretty depressed, burned out area. Trump was bringing industry back, energy, steel and coal. All big in that area. But that is all being shut down now by the china socialist fraudster kabal that stole the country.

I am sure they will somehow demonize that heritage and label it racist also. But some great memories and history they will never be able to erase or re-write.