Life isn't "Good" anymore: LG gives up the battle for mobile

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Founded in 1947 by In-hwoi Koo, who was called Yonam, under the name „Lucky Chemical Industrial Co. a few years ago South Korean electronics maker LG was one of the largest mobile phone makers of the world. The phones they make were true competitors to Samsung, Sony, Apple and Huawei, but over the years consumers switched to other brands with higher fame.
LG tried to re-invent his phones, they build models like the G5 who had the capability to use extra cameras, batteries and other things. And they failed with all these attempts.

From 8 to zero

Now the story is over. Three years after the death of Koo Bon-moo, the grand son of founder Yonam, LG has said it is getting out of its loss-making mobile phone business to focus on other products and services. Last year the korean incorporation still ranks at 8 under the largest producers of mobile phones - behind Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo and Motorola, but in front of Realme, Tecno and the famous classic Sony brand.

Battle can't be won

LG’s boards opinion now is that the battle for a relevant market share can't be won anymore. If you will try it you must invest more as your competitors into new science for innovative new phones, if you do this a few years without success, you lost money every day like LG do - and Sony too. LG now will be able to a shift in strategy and the company expects to fully exit the mobile phone business by the end of July, after 17 years. The mobile brand with the slogan "Life's Good" comes to an end - the once third-largest mobile phone maker gives up his fight against the chinese competitors.

It's the same end of the story like Nokia and Blackberry has written. And next in line could be Sony, another brand who lost market share since years.

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LGs going out from the mobile market signifies that tech companies should always be on trend. When they missed the latest boom, they suffer the consequences of their competitors to get ahead. LG has a good tech but failed to adapt quickly with the market compettition.

LG, missed this train, that is for sure, even if they had a good tech behind.
In our family we tried some other brands, but now we stick to the two market leaders as it fits our needs.

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It's kind of sad hearing that LG is tapping out of the mobile market. They've more or less been around since the dawn of android phones and have outlived plenty of their competitors. To me, they were pretty much the only other suitable manufacturer to look at when Samsung was going a route I didn't like. Fairly priced devices with enough power behind them. The LG G4 was a pretty decent flagship of theirs (outside of the likely chance of your board frying itself or bricking) and remains as one of my favorite phones to date.

Who knows, maybe they could have had better success if they chose to follow the route similar to Asus these last few years? The battle for mid tier devices is extremely competitive, so why not primarily target the high end and enthusiast market? Asus has basically dropped focus on anything but their high end devices. I'm sure LG could have had at least some footing there given their experience in the TV and monitor market.

The G5 was my choice, a few years ago. Brilliant device, but someday it is going out of order for no reason. The front camera always disappear, only the second one in charge... as front cam. A mystery. But it was a good thing in all, the chance to change the accu packs I always loved.

I really liked the idea behind the LG G5 as it came out around the height of the popularity of making everything modular. I remember being very excited for the phone blocks project and seeing LG take their own approach made me rather hopeful that it might have came about one day. Bigger battery, a new speaker, or an upgradable audio dac you can plug into your phone? That's something I would love in a high end device, especially if the accessories could be swapped over to the new generation.

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