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RE: The End Of Banking

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Car ownership is a great example. Ever since I moved to a bigger city I simply have no need for a car. Right now, I'm using a car sharing service and it feels like every week, there are more shared cars on the street and less individual owned ones.

This is only the beginning, though. With the emergence of autonomous taxis, this will be taken to the next level. Eventually, human driven cars will be banned from at least the downtown area, basically making it a burden to own a car in the first place.

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Without a doubt the idea of EVs and autonomous transportation could be a windfall. However, as always, it has to be driven by the technology and not mandate.

Some will have an easier time giving up the ownership, others a more difficult.

Cars depreciate in value, hence are just an expense. People are going to be very willing to get rid of that cost.

The idea of giving up your assets to get debt forgiveness, that might something else entirely.

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