Tech Talk #6 - Atoms to Bits: How the Migration from Physical to Digital is Impacting the World

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@taskmaster4450 and I recorded this episode with the discussion centered around the macro impact of technology and how the world has been quickly migrating from atoms to bits.

What we were referring to in the discussion of atoms to bits is the idea that economies, industries and consumer products have been increasingly going digital. Our physical world is having a lesser and lesser impact on the economy (although, still a material impact as we see today) while the digital world is having a greater impact.

The implications of this are far-reaching. In this episode, we dug into the progress of this idea and how it impacts ideas like healthcare, investing, cryptocurrencies and emerging ideas like Web 3.0-enabled platforms (i.e. the Hive blockchain).

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This is a quite interesting topic. The world is fast advancing in technology, so industries have begin to move from physical form to digital form. Would appreciate if you could kindly check out our community.

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