Tech Talk #2 - Technological Convergence, 3D Printing and Corporate Agility

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Hey everyone, welcome back to the second episode of Tech Talk with @taskmaster4450 and myself (@khaleelkazi). Each week we’re talking about the latest happenings in technology and our outlooks on the future - especially as it relates to investing in technology and being on the right side of history.

We kicked it off talking about technological convergence — how many of the disruptive technologies of today are coming together and creating/disrupting entire industries. We went on to talk about 3D printing, compound growth and the importance of corporate agility.

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In This Episode:

  • Convergence of Technological Innovation
  • Overview of the 3D Printing Industry
  • Shortcomings of 3D Printing
  • Status of Innovation in 3D Printing
  • Best Companies in the Industry
  • The Importance of Agility in Tech Companies/Corporations

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